• 7 Elements of a Highly Converting Website

    Hi friends, it’s Jack from Clayman Projects. Today I’m going to be talking about the essential ingredients for a website that generates more, and more qualified, leads. Let’s dive in. Social proof: Why it's important and how to use it. One of the biggest goals of your website is the…

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  • person sitting facing laptop computer with sketch pad

    Shopify, Wix Or WordPress: Which Is Right For Your Business?

    An Impartial Guide For Online Businesses Choosing a platform for your business' new website is one of the first and biggest decisions you'll make as you setup your new website. In this article I'll talk through the pros and cons of three of the biggest CMSs (Content Management systems) that…

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  • Testing testing… 123..?

    Hi Friends, I'm currently sat in a Cafe Nero In Fforest Fach grinning from ear to ear.I've just installed the new WordPress plugin I've bought for social media management and If you're reading this then you've probably just clicked on my very first live post using the new software. I've…

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  • three black handset toys

    Clayman’s Guide To Mastering Follow-Up Techniques and Strategies

    Introduction: What is Follow-Up and Why is it Important for Success? Simply put, follow-up is the process of contacting someone who you have had contact with in the last few days or weeks to find out more about them and continue to add value to them. This can take place…

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