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Jack Mcleay | May 13, 2023

Hi Friends,

I’m currently sat in a Cafe Nero In Fforest Fach grinning from ear to ear.
I’ve just installed the new WordPress plugin I’ve bought for social media management and If you’re reading this then you’ve probably just clicked on my very first live post using the new software.

I’ve shied away from using automated social media posters, calendars and other management software because I’ve seen them as too complicated and expensive but this tool looks incredible. It’s perhaps a tad more technical than some of the alternative to setup but once that’s done the interface looks simple.

The best part is, unlike the alternatives that I’ve seen, this software integrates directly into my website and I don’t have to pay a monthly subscription for it (woohoo!). A one-off payment is all I needed to get a lifetime license. Bargain.

Hopefully this will help me streamline my social media management a bit and make managing my various pages feel less like a gigantic chore. I might slip this on to my current client’s site as a freebie (shout out to the gals at Quirk It! If you need a wedding designer don’t dare go anywhere else!) to hear what they think of it. They’ve been a joy to work with so I recon they deserve a nice surprise 🙂

Ok, back to tinkering…

Jack Mcleay

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